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FBR Music exists to help musicians promote their music. Often, artistry and business don’t mix well — within the same person, anyway. Most artists neglect the business side of their craft. We’re here to help you overcome this issue.

Music As Therapy

Music therapy has been practiced for decades as a way to treat neurological conditions from Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s to anxiety and depression. Now, advances in neuroscience and brain imaging are revealing what’s actually happening in the brain as patients listen to music or play instruments and why the therapy works. “It’s been substantiated only in the last year or two that music therapy can help restore the loss of expressive language in patients with aphasia” following brain injury from stroke, says Oliver Sacks, the noted neurologist and professor at Columbia University, who explored the link between music and the brain in his recent book Musicophilia. Beyond improving movement and speech, he says, music can trigger the release of mood-altering brain chemicals and once-lost memories and emotions.

Parkinson’s and stroke patients benefit, neurologists believe, because the human brain is innately attuned to respond to highly rhythmic music; in fact, says Sacks, our nervous system is unique among mammals in its automatic tendency to go into foot-tapping mode. In Parkinson’s patients with bradykinesia, or difficulty initiating movement, it’s thought that the music triggers networks of neurons to translate the cadence into organized movement. “We see patients develop something like an auditory timing mechanism,” says Concetta Tomaino, cofounder of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function in New York City. “Someone who is frozen can immediately release and begin walking. Or if they have balance problems, they can coordinate their steps to synchronize with the music,” improving their gait and stride. Slow rhythms can ease the muscle bursts and jerky motions of Parkinson’s patients with involuntary tremors.

Actually playing music, which requires coordinating muscle movements and developing an ear for timing, can also bring dramatic results, says Rick Bausman, a musician and the founder and director of the Martha’s Vineyard-based Drum Workshop. The workshop uses traditional drum ensembles, in which groups of participants play percussion pieces, as one form of therapy for patients with a variety of cognitive and physical disabilities, including Parkinson’s disease. Bausman teaches participants to play along with traditional Afro-Caribbean beats like the Haitian kongo and Cuban bembe using congas, bongos, and djun-djun drums. “Participants report that their control of physical movement improves after playing the drums, their motion becomes more fluid, they don’t shake quite as much, and their tremors seem to calm down,” says Bausman.

Indeed, research on the effects of music therapy in Parkinson’s patients has found motor control to be better in those who participated in group music sessions—improvisation with pianos, drums, cymbals, and xylophones—than in people who underwent traditional physical therapy. But gains were no longer evident two months after the sessions ended, so the best results require continued therapy. To stay motivated, Tomaino recommends seeking out both therapeutic drumming groups like Bausman’s and social dance classes. Patients can also create music libraries for CDs or MP3 players that can be used to facilitate walking.

Because the area of the brain that processes music overlaps with speech networks, neurologists have found that a technique called melodic intonation therapy is effective at retraining patients to speak by transferring existing neuronal pathways or creating new ones. “Even after a stroke that damages the left side of the brain—the center of speech—some patients can still sing complete lyrics to songs,” says Tomaino. With repetition, the therapist can begin removing the music, allowing the patient to speak the song lyrics and eventually substitute regular phrases in their place. “As they try to recall words that have a similar contextual meaning to the lyrics, their word retrieval and speech improves,” she says.

Musicians Should Highlight SoundCloud In Their Marketing Efforts

SoundCloud is among the more well-liked social networking sites you’ll find on the Internet these days. It has accumulated scores of music hobbyists, amateur and aspiring artists as well as podcasters and musicians from all over the globe. However its user population is not just restricted to that. Considering it’s a online community network, this by design makes it an exceptional place to obtain influence and reach, which makes it a lot more beneficial than merely a music sharing website.

Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers

Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers

SoundCloud certainly is the foremost social marketing sound website which is open to all people. It’s a website for anyone to locate modern, distinctive audio and music, for creators to build up followers, and for anyone to share whatever they hear regardless of whether online or on smartphone. This is why musicians should focus on SoundCloud and make sure to put a little marketing effort into this platform. A website like SoundCloud Boost can help ensure that musicians promote their music through purchasing SoundCloud plays and followers.

Lots of men and women come to SoundCloud on a daily basis to create, share and market their audio on the web. SoundCloud is concentrated on prolonged growth, mobile device support, and incrementally broadening additional features throughout all platforms. Utilizing their website or mobile software anyone can record, publish and share an audio to the world.

Every novice on SoundCloud meets the challenge of acquiring plays and followers for their tracks. This will take quite some effort and time as building followers is similar to growing trust among the community, and calls for lots of interaction. To lessen the time it can take, a number of members prefer to buy SoundCloud followers or plays. Receiving SoundCloud plays and followers has the consequence that your audio gets publicized more heavily.

Purchase Twitter Followers To Dominate Social Media Marketing

Almost anyone nowadays may toss together 140 characters and call it a tweet. However, to benefit from Twitter for utmost business impact there are lots of tried and true content options all set to be utilized. In this article I will recommend helpful tips on how to implement effective material for your tweets. These options include both organic (natural, slow growing) and buying (purchase for fast results) Twitter follower gains.

Behind the Scenes
People refer to this kind of content sharing as the “insider’s perception of your organization,” where you have the chance to present updates regarding the jobs and work you are directly part of. You might also utilize behind the scenes as an opportunity to introduce a new customer or to present any kind of noteworthy further advancement. Deliver viewers or enthusiasts an internal look into your organization. This insider info type of approach doesn’t involve the purchase of Twitter followers. Instead, you’ll be gaining followers, over time, from people who are interested in this kind of “secret” stuff.

These types of tweets are the succinct stats that have an impact on your field or are recent issues that can be newsworthy for all sorts of reasons. They demonstrate your company’s obligations and motivations, and add personality to your enterprise.

Case Studies
Pull out all those case studies and provide them via your tweets for on the spot downloading. One more approach is to try to repurpose the material by taking out 140-character messages that may make an impact on your Twitter followers.

Think about inquiries your customers and potential customers asked you earlier this work week. Or maybe there’re the recurring issues you’ve previously taken care of on the FAQ document of your website. To start, build a listing of questions, and answer them in your tweets one by one — spending explicit attention to the most applicable at this stage. To illustrate, take note of seasonal things, present rates and savings, marketing promotions and product or service sales or oftentimes asked how-to’s within your business and field. Preserve the list and add to it as time goes by. The things you do not make use of this week may make more sense a few weeks from right now.

Every Day Deals
Make use of tweets to state a daily deal you are promoting or one you’ve signed on with Groupon (or another daily deal site) by sendig out a message to attain maximum attention. If you buy Twitter followers, some of these followers may just be interested in such deals as they check out your tweets for the first time. You can click here for more information on buying Twitter followers.

Site content, and print content as well, has been about the use of keywords. Twitter is not any exception. Really good Twitter subject material incorporates focused key phrases and comments. Create a list of keywords that will best illustrate your organization and field. Implement these terms when you create your 140-character tweets. Contemplate high quality above volume. Make each and every word and tweet count.

End users could be unfamiliar with Twitter, blogs and social networking sites. You can utilize your tweets in order to coach them in regards to the system and include your website content with your Twitter messages. Twitter posts on their own could be teaching resources related to social internet marketing. If you buy Twitter followers, this type of tweet won’t be necessary — the people participating in the purchasing and buying of Tweets aren’t social media novices.

Live Events
Tweeting related to live events matches Twitter just like a glove. The timeliness to getting out announcements about start times is particularly useful in the business world, particularly if you are at an in-person summit or managing a live web conference. Giving followup tweets about a gathering can be another superb way for web conferencing hosts to reply to concerns that may not have been thoroughly resolved inside the event.

Should You Buy Facebook Likes To Help Your Business Grow?

Facebook is a sensation that has evolved greatly in a very short time. Facebook was in the beginning put to use predominately by university students to keep in touch with school acquaintances, nevertheless now the latest studies prove it has passed over and above its original use and has grown into a remarkably impressive industry networking channel. If you’re still not sold on this, listed here are a handful of factors why you can not afford to disregard Facebook as a marketing strategy. To grow your business you’ll want to take full advantage of Facebook, and that may include buying Facebook likes.

This kind of development from social channel to professional networking site is essentially because the kids who originally used Facebook for social applications have matured and become professionals. It’s plausible that they would need to modify the purposes and apps on Facebook to match their professional circumstances and proceed with contacting folks in a manner that has grown to be a habit for them. In the present world, with the vast amount of social network sites and apps, how would you draw the line between friendly and commercial networking? This is in truth very hard to undertake since the line has grown to be distorted. If you draw a rigid line, you can wind up sacrificing potential clients or potentials for business. Today, more than ever, this is not a luxury you can easily manage. You must do everything you can to boost your social media presence, and that includes budgeting to buy likes on Facebook, as well as buying Twitter followers.

Facebook provides a Pages app, allowing you to make a premium profile for your products, business and services. Throughout these pages you have the opportunity to add a hyperlink to your website, or some kind of other resource links, such as articles you’ve penned or research you’ve conducted. It is not necessarily one and only thing you must do to enhance Google standing, nevertheless it unquestionably works.

If you decide to make use of not only the Pages application, but in addition any number of the other apps, you’ll find excellent, useful resources to promote your services and merchandise and promote what you do. It is going to take a while to obtain the hang of these applications. Get started with a couple until you learn about them. No one is expected to take advantage of every one of them.

Facebook provides the possibility to produce advertisements and target them to a particular gender, location and age group. You can even observe your ad’s efficiency. One other thing to watch — attempt to avoid publishing pictures that might cast your website in an undesirable way or are really too personal. Holiday and birthday party photos are out, obviously. Do distribute pictures of a business event or meeting you’ve recently hosted. You can get more information on this topic at

Take into account that all those you include as Friends have permission to access your complete info and will be able to submit comments on your pages, so decide smartly. If you buy Facebook likes use a seller that will supply you with followers that originate in your own country of business.

Regardless if you generate a Page or share links, post material which is relevant to your industry. Should you offer beneficial material and share your knowledge, it’ll be easier to gain the contacts you would like.

There exist too many Facebook applications to even discuss, so you should look for which may be best fitting to your goals. The Groups choice is excellent for business networking, and also the Facebook Marketplace, where one can place listings for services and products for free.